Visiting the Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona

During our week long Arizona road trip, we spent two nights in Page, Arizona. When we arrived we immediately went to do a tour of the Lower Antelope Canyon. Located on Navajo tribal lands, access to the canyon is permitted only through two tour groups. We visited with Dixie Ellis Lower Antelope Canyon Tours and booked the tour for $25 plus an $8 Navajo entrance fee when we arrived. If you are coming in the summer months you should definitely book ahead, but as we were there in mid-December we didn’t have any issues.



We were very fortunate that there were only four of us in our group plus our tour guide, Kendrick. We descended five flights of stairs into the canyon about 80 ft underground. The sandstone caverns were incredible, we explored the canyon mostly at our leisure with Kendrick helping with camera settings for the best quality pictures. Luckily for us Kendrick also leads a photography tour so he understood how each person’s camera should be set and the opportunities for the best pictures. One of the photos might look familiar as the Microsoft screensaver called Sandstone Waves, which was taken here in the Lower Antelope Canyon!


We spent about an hour in the canyon, practically having it to ourselves. However, in the summer months our guide described a much different scenario. Apparently the canyons can get filled up from elbow to elbow with tourists and the wait to get into the canyon can take hours! Next year it sounds like both tour groups will be raising their prices to visit the Canyon in the hopes of offering quality tours rather than a large quantity of tours.


Overall we really enjoyed our experience in the Lower Antelope Canyon, but the situation would have been very different had we visited in the summer months. If you can, try to visit during the low season to enjoy this natural wonder!


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