Picture 4Welcome to It’s a Schmahl World! This is the blog about the adventures of Kathryn and Kim Schmahl, sisters who grew up Cincinnati, Ohio. We are both in our twenties, living and working full-time in the Midwest but take any chance we get to travel someplace new!

Growing up, our family never went to on the same vacation twice. Every summer vacation, we went to a new place and traveled different parts of the U.S., from the Grand Canyon to Williamsburg to San Francisco. And then in 2002, when Kim was 13 and Kathryn was 10, our family went international! Thanks to our mom’s job, we spent a year living in Luxembourg and the two of us got our first taste of the world outside of the states.

Now we’ve grown up into 20-somethings and have inherited our parents’ enthusiasm for  seeing new places and learning about different cultures. The idea for this blog came to us a few summers ago while we were on a family vacation to Madrid and Paris, our first time back to Europe since Luxembourg.

We’re excited to share our travel adventures with you!

You can contact us by e-mail at itsaschmahlworldafterall @ gmail.com or follow us on instagram (@schmahlworld), twitter (@SchmahlWorld) and pinterest (SchmahlWorld).

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