Visiting the Upper Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona


During our stop in Page, Arizona on our Arizona road trip we knew we had to visit Antelope Canyon. There are two separate canyons, the Upper Antelope Canyon and the Lower Antelope Canyon. On the afternoon of our arrival we visited the Lower Antelope Canyon (read about it here) after a night’s rest it was time to see the Upper Antelope Canyon.

Today, the Canyons are both located on Navajo property so they can only be visited with a tour guide. There are five different tour groups with which you can visit the Upper Canyon, we visited through Antelope Canyon Tours for $45 each. Our group of about 12 piled into a covered truck bed, packed in tight, and rode the six miles from our meeting point to the canyon. Three of those miles are not on paved roads and were very bumpy and dusty, or as our tour guide Cindy called it, a Navajo massage.

When we reached the entrance, our group stood outside as Cindy explained some of the history of the canyon. This unique canyon was created by 180 million years of wind and water coming through the canyon. Even today during the summer months there are chances of flash flooding due to heavy rainfall. Throughout the canyon you’ll see logs suspended in the canyon above your head which were carried in by high waters.


We visited in mid December, during low tourist season, and the Upper Antelope Canyon was still fairly crowded. We were told its much worse in the summer months. Cindy showed us the places throughout the canyon to get the best photos and the names of different rock formations. My personal favorites were a point where the light coming through the ceiling was shaped like a heart and a spot where you could stand to have angel wings!

We walked leisurely through the 0.25 mile long canyon stopping along the way to take photos before coming out on the other side. Before I mentioned that you can only visit this canyon through a tour, this is mainly to prevent vandalism. On the sides of the canyon walls at this exit you can see bullet holes! With most all of our photos take we walked the entire way back to the truck just enjoying the views. Another dusty, bumpy ride in the back of the truck and we concluded the tour right where we started.

Visiting the Upper Antelope Canyon in December was breathtaking but in April through September at mid day beams of sunlight stream through the canyon making incredible photos. Check them out on google here! This phenomenon only happens once a day so tours at this time a more expensive and fill up fast. If you want to see it make sure to book early! Even without the stunning sunbeams, our visit to the Upper Antelope Canyon was definitely worthwhile.


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