Traveling Misadventures: Racing Through the Airport

We absolutely love traveling but sometimes things just don’t go as planned. One of our traveling misadventures happened when flying to Hartford, Connecticut for our cousin’s wedding. Kim left from Columbus and I left from Indianapolis to get on the same connecting flight in Charlotte, North Carolina. We both made it through security just fine but that’s where our luck stopped…

We didn’t have a very long layovers to make our connections in Charlotte and my initial flight was continually getting delayed! When I finally boarded in Cincinnati, they gate checked everyone’s  large carryon bags since there wasn’t much overhead space. By the time we landed in Charlotte my second flight was already boarding! Naturally I was in the back of the plane and one of the last ones off, studying a map of Charlotte Airport while I waited. Next I had to wait even longer to get my gate checked bag!


Once I finally got my bag I did the only thing I could, I ran! The plane didn’t even land at a gate; we deplaned outside of the airport so first I had to run inside! Once inside it was a full on sprint (with multiple slowdowns questioning if it was worth it) to the opposite end of the airport. While sprinting I unknowingly dropped my sunglasses out of my bag. I had heard a sound when they dropped but didn’t see anything when I turned to see what the sound was. As I continue sprinting along a young guy comes running up to me with my sunglasses, my hero! He must have run pretty far before catching up to me. With no time to stop, since I heard the final boarding call for my flight over the PA, it was essentially a baton hand off!

The texts I sent to Kim after I made my connection!

I finally made it to the gate, completely out of breath, huffing and puffing asking if I made it. The flight attendant definitely looked at me like I was crazy just like “Yeah, go on aboard”… This was a very large airplane and practically every seat was occupied when I got on, all eyes staring at me since it seems they had held the plane for me. My seat was naturally in the very back of the plane so I walked through all of those people flushed and gasping to catch my breath. I realized then that Kim wasn’t there… from a text on my phone I learned that she had been sitting on her plane not taking off for about an hour before deciding to catch a plane the next morning since she would surely miss this connecting flight. I sent her a few quick text message updates before all phones needed to be turned off. So after all that I made it to Hartford!

There are a lot of fun and exciting aspects of travelling. We only take pictures of the gorgeous views and other worldly experiences but every now and then the journey can have a few bumps in the road!

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