Sneak Peek: Photos from Colombia!

We started 2017 with our first trip to South America, spending 4 days in Colombia! We’re working on more posts from the trip, but couldn’t wait to share some of our pictures…

We began in Bogota:

Plaza de Bolivar, the main square of Bogota
Exploring La Candelaria neighborhood of Bogota
Visited the Botero Museum, Botero who is known for playing with volume did his own version of the Mona Lisa
Artifacts from pre-Colombian indigenous cultures at the Gold Museum in Bogota
Took the telerico up to the top of Monserrate to see incredible views of Bogota!
Stopped for a snack at Monserrate – Coca tea and giant roasted ants (yes that’s one in Kathryn’s hand!)

After a day and half in Bogota, we flew to Cartagena on the coast of Colombia!

While in Cartagena we took a day trip to Palenque, the first free town in America. It is a UNESCO Heritage Site, the village was founded by escaped slaves in the 17th century and their African heritage is still important to the community today.

Statue in the main square of Palenque
Houses in Palenque

And of course, we got to see a lot of Cartagena itself while we were there!

We climbed to the top of San Felipe fortress that once defended Cartagena from Pirates!
At the top of San Felipe fortress
Walked through the Old City of Cartagena
Colorful houses in Cartagena’s Getsemani neighborhood
There’s street art all over Cartagena’s Getsemani neighborhood!

And that’s our sneak peek! Stay tuned for more from our trip….

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