Mom & Kathryn Visit Liberia!

It’s been quite a busy summer and one of the many highlights was my mom and sister’s visit to Liberia!

It was awesome having them here! It was obviously great to see them after many months apart but even better was being able to share my life here in Liberia with them. Try as I might through phone calls, whatsapp messages, photos and blog posts, it’s impossible to explain it all! Things can be lost in translation because some things are so different that they’re hard to imagine without seeing it. Or after a year here, there are things I’ve gotten used to and don’t even think to share. So I loved that they were able to come and see Liberia for themselves!

We had a fantastic 10 days together. We spent a week at my site, where Mom and Kathryn met my friends, neighbors and students and lived the Liberian life with me. They survived no electricity, bucket baths, washing clothes on the washboard and meals of soup and rice with plenty of peppeh! They came to school with me in the mornings and did some fun hands-on engineering activities with my students. And they experienced the porch life in the afternoon, sitting with friends and reading to my porch kids (neighborhood kids who visit me often). We also took a day trip to Kakata where Mom and Kathryn got to meet my host family!

And then we spent a couple of days in the capital city, Monrovia, seeing the Peace Corps office and some other sites there. And we wrapped up the trip with a night at the Libassa resort, relaxing by the beach, swimming in the pool and floating in the lazy river!

Kathryn’s working on more posts about their trip from her perspective and will share more details but here are some of my favorite pictures from their visit!



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