Visiting the World of Chocolate Museum and Café

Situated in a tiny strip in Orlando, Florida, the World of Chocolate Museum and Café is much bigger than it appears from the outside. Walking through the door you immediately spot a display filled with delicious looking chocolates and candies! While you could just hang out in the café, we decided to tour the chocolate museum as well. The regular price for the tour is $17 a person, but we found a groupon that made it $10 a person!

The tour began with a brief history of chocolate starting from when it was first used by the ancient Aztecs as currency. Through the decades, chocolate uses evolved from a spiced drink for the natives to the sweet chocolate we know today. The tour takes you through the history and even lets you try samples of what the Aztecs drinks were probably like. Spoiler alert, not sweet at all! Don’t try to drink your sample in one swig, try a small sip first!

Our tour guide led us through a temperature controlled room with solid chocolate sculptures of monuments around the world. Two men in Austria made all of the sculptures, each of them taking about four months! Monuments included the Taj Mahal (made of all white chocolate), the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower and 22 more. The heaviest sculpture is the Great Wall of China, weighing in at over 400lbs!


The last part of the museum tour was a chocolate tasting where we got to try chocolates from around the world. The chocolate ranged from sweet to bitter with a bacon flavored mixed in the middle!


After our tour we also did a wine and chocolate pairing. We got 3 different wines with three chocolate truffles. We learned to take a sip of wine first to get the taste in our mouths, take a bite of the truffle then immediately sip some wine to mix the flavors. They were delicious!

While we didn’t know about the World of Chocolate Museum and Cafe before heading to Orlando, the unique experience is one we’re glad we didn’t miss!

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