Tivoli Revisted: Halloween Edition

In honor of Halloween today, it is only fitting that we post about my recent trip to Tivoli! A few years ago on a family vacation we took a cruise around the Baltics with a stop in Copenhagen, Denmark. Even though we only had one day, we knew a stop at Tivoli, the most visited amusement park in the world, was a must! We loved the rides and the atmospheres of all the different parts of the world. This year I got the amazing opportunity to visit Tivoli again, but this time it was completely decked out for Halloween!


Tivoli closes down to redecorate twice during the year, once for Halloween and then again for Christmas. Walking down the street, the transformation was obvious. The entrance had a giant pumpkin dangling in it and the walkway inside was lined with jack-o-lanterns high in the air. Walking around, you couldn’t miss the essence of Halloween in the air. There were pumpkins everywhere!

We walked around for a while enjoying the sites and trying to decide what area of the world we wanted food from. Missing the food from my recent Italy trip, we opted for pizza and wine. The food was absolutely delicious!

After dinner we decided to ride a couple rides. First the Flying Trunk, an ode to fairy tale writer Hans Christian Anderson. We had visited the Hans Christian Anderson Museum earlier that day, so it seemed fitting to ride around in a flying trunk seeing scenes from many of his fairy tales! Next we wanted to get a view from above so we decided to ride the ferris wheel. We got night time views of Tivoli and parts of downtown Copenhagen as well!

Although I’ve visited Tivoli before, it felt like an entirely different magical place in October. Tivoli went all out with their decorations, truly transforming Tivoli into a new world. I just hope someday I can visit for Christmas!

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