6 Must-See Waterfalls of Iceland


Along our 8 day trip around Iceland’s Ring Road we got to see hundreds of waterfalls. Here are six of the most notable ones and where to find them:

Skogafoss – Located in southern Iceland between Reykjavik and Vik, Skogafoss is an easy day trip from the capital or a stop on your way around the country. Be sure to climb the stairs to the top of the waterfall for the gorgeous views!

Dettifoss– Located in Northern Iceland, Dettifoss is about a 40 kilometer, gravel road, detour off route 1 (aka the Ring Road). Dettifoss is considered the most powerful waterfall in europe with an average of 96,500 gallons of water flowing over its edge every second!

Godafoss – Godafoss is located in northern Iceland between Lake Myvatn and Akureyri. Godafoss is considered to be the “Waterfall of the Gods”. Legend has it when Iceland was converted to Christianity, Thorgeirr, a priest and chieftain, dispensed of the heathen Norse Pagan Gods by throwing them into the falls.


Oxararfoss– Situated in Thingvellir National Park, Oxararfoss is easily accessible from Reykjavik as part of Iceland’s Golden Circle. The falls are small by Icelandic standards, only about 20 meters tall, but definitely worth a visit if you are already on the Golden Circle route.


Gullfoss – A main attraction on Iceland’s Golden Circle route, Gullfoss is possibly the most famous of Iceland’s waterfalls. The total falls are 32 meters (105 ft) tall but it is split into 2 waterfalls. A combination of regular rains and glacier runoff makes Gullfoss the largest waterfall, in terms of the volume of water flowing over the falls, in Europe!


Faxifoss – A small, not very well known waterfall just off the Golden circle route is Faxifoss. There wasn’t even a sign on the road leading to it! Look for the sign Faxi to know where to run and its right off the road.


Miscellaneous Waterfalls – As mentioned before, we literally were able to see hundreds of waterfalls on our drive around the Ring Road. Most of them didn’t even have names! Even though they are nameless they are no less beautiful and definitely deserved a mention!

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